As a NPE advisor, buy side, activities are:

  • origination of NPL and UTP portfolios mainly from banks
  • due-diligence on secured and unsecured NPL and Utp portfolios
  • advisory in sale transactions
  • consultancy on the management of NPL and UTP portfolios with identification of the most suitable judicial and / or extra-judicial debt recovery strategy
  • management in single name operations in the context of executive and insolvency procedures and in DPOs with consensual sale of the asset.

Rea works also sell side:

  • Data quality: data analysis, information normalization and identification of information gaps.
  • Data enrichment: data updating through automatic massive functions or through analysis of both Legal and Real Estate experts with the possibility of uploading data to the Bank’s IT system or to QBT GEMINI IT system.
  • Evaluation and operational strategy on UTPs and Single names: analysis, identification of development opportunities, selection of potential investors and support for identifying the best strategy for managing assets and related credits also through proprietary econometric models of forecast recovery.
  • Virtual data-room : reorganization of documentation by scanning and organic insertion of data in a specific IT management system to support the activities of evaluation, enhancement and / or completion of the information relating to each individual credit, with the possibility of proactive management of the phase recovery; the system can be integrated with statistical evaluation models or data entry of legal documents and real estate asset analysis (with relative appraisal)
  • Portfolio management consultancy: identification of out-of-court and / or judicial credit recovery strategies.
  • Advisory in sales and contribution transactions: identification and enhancement of receivables for asset valuations, sales and transfer to contribution funds, structuring of related transactions, due diligence and periodic updating of the recovery trend.
  • Sell operation with the market place MATCHNPE